Telematics and the Future of Equipment Information | OEM Data Delivery

Telematics has informed and changed the way construction companies operate. The earliest fuel and engine monitoring devices have inspired increasingly sophisticated asset reporting and protection [...]

3 Ways Data & Operator Control Can Enhance Work Site Safety

OEM Data Delivery believes timely, accurate data makes for a safer work site. As recent industry headlines attest, bad information can lead to poor decisions which can hinder safety program [...]

CEMEX Symposium Las Vegas | OEM Data Delivery

We will be in Las Vegas next week at the CEMEX symposium to demonstrate the money-saving advantages of our MiniPOD Fuel Systems/FuelPOD. Even with the low fuel prices of the moment, we know how [...]

Former Bechtel Manager Joins OEM Data Delivery | Mick Lauer

Kenneth “Mick” Lauer has recently joined OEM Data Delivery as a project manager/account manager. Lauer brings more than 20 years of heavy equipment operation and fleet management experience to OEM [...]

Jay Monahan | Product Manager | OEM Data Delivery

If you talk to OEM Data Delivery Product Manager Jay Monahan, you know right away he enjoys finding solutions. He testifies that he "wears a lot of hats," but finds all of his work, especially [...]

Cher Fried | Project and Customer Administrator | OEM Data Delivery

Cher Fried has worn many hats at OEM Controls and OEM Data Delivery including her current role as Project and Customer Administrator. Fried started in customer service as a Sales Administrator [...]

Current Projects: Large-Scale and Wide-Ranging | OEM Data Delivery

OEM Data Delivery Assigns New Roles to Accommodate Continued Growth

OEM Data Delivery recently realigned top-level management roles to accommodate growth in business opportunities in heavy construction and off-highway equipment markets.

Paul Rohaly | Director of Engineering | OEM Data Delivery

17 years ago, Paul Rohaly started at OEM Controls as a mechanical engineering supervisor. He is now Director of Engineering.

Rohaly said he enjoys the diversity of experiences he has at OEM. “We [...]

Ken Pontbriant | Senior Electrical Engineer | OEM Data Delivery

Ken Pontbriant started at OEM Data Delivery more than 15 years ago. He enjoys the challenges and triumphs of his job, which come from company management as well as customers. "When I come to work [...]