If you talk to OEM Data Delivery Product Manager Jay Monahan, you know right away he enjoys finding solutions. He testifies that he "wears a lot of hats," but finds all of his work, especially solving customer problems, "gratifying and satisfying." He often sees devices and hardware through from concept and design to customer use and relaunches.

"This job is never boring," Monahan says without any trace of disingenuousness. "There is no grass on my behind." He's energetic, enthusiastic and quick to joke.

He appreciates the growth and "mutatations" OEM Data Delivery has undergone in recent years. "Everything is feedback," he said. "Minds are like parachutes -- they work best when they're open."

Monahan started at the company 16 years ago as a Sales Application Engineer. Before that, he worked in IT at NCR, GE and some smaller companies.

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