OEM Data Delivery believes timely, accurate data makes for a safer work site. As recent industry headlines attest, bad information can lead to poor decisions which can hinder safety program efforts and performance. We’ve worked hard on three areas to enhance work site safety for all.

Proper inventory management should be at the foundation of any safety protocol. That is why OEM Data Delivery has put numerous hours into EQUIPCHAT, our user-friendly, yet highly detailed, inventory tracking system and our Mobile EQUIPCHAT app for innovative data management on mobile devices. When used in conjunction with our MiniPOD and other products, data can be captured quickly and effortlessly.

Keeping up with routine maintenance and regular inspections is another way to improve and support worker safety. EQUIPCHAT customers can be alerted if inspections have not been done as scheduled or if they are incomplete.

Finally, even well-maintained equipment must be in the hands of qualified operators to maintain a safe working environment. The Authorized Operator functionality of EQUIPCHAT and MiniPOD limits the possibility of unlicensed workers – or anyone – from using heavy equipment. Equipment access authorization can be assigned to individuals or groups (based on licensure or other requirements). Onsite workers enter an employee ID through KeyPOD. Entering the wrong code disables the machinery or triggers an alarm (lights or horn). Plus an email alert to management can be activated.

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