17 years ago, Paul Rohaly started at OEM Controls as a mechanical engineering supervisor. He is now Director of Engineering.

Rohaly said he enjoys the diversity of experiences he has at OEM. “We don’t get bored,” he said. “We are a custom house – that’s our niche. There is always something different about our products’ applications.”

“Our work is always interesting,” Rohaly added. “It’s fascinating, and we’re often treading on new ground. I really enjoy working on pie-in-the-sky ideas and making them viable products.”

He started as a draftsman at 16, went through technical high school. Rohaly then got an associate’s degree and worked at a machine shop. While getting a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering, he worked at Nash Engineering where he spent 13 years.

For hobbies, Rohaly likes to hike and play chess. He has also served as an engineering adviser to the Mayor of Stratford as well as being a Cub Scout master.

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