OEM Data Delivery is involved with several large-scale, long-term projects all over the heavy construction spectrum. The projects, which are underway in locations including Quebec, Louisiana and Australia, partner OEM with global companies such as Bechtel and Kiewit.

Several of the projects include roadwork on major US and Canadian highways. The work aims to streamline traffic by improving roadway conditions and flow. The construction is projected to last into 2020 in some cases.

Other projects involve the transportation and storage of liquid natural gas (LNG). In Louisiana (at the Sabine Pass), project phases will employ 20,000 workers. In Australia (on Curtis Island), the site will have annual capacity for millions of metric tons and deliver to countries including China, Korea, Japan, and Malaysia. Still other works in progress involve mining important minerals like nickel sulphide and borate, which includes drilling, blasting and shoveling processes. The projects range from the tens of millions of dollars to several billion dollars.

OEM Data Delivery’s role in all of these projects? They track fuel use, equipment hours, location, and more. The company insures the aforementioned multi-national companies make efficient use of their assets. Without the information OEM provides, the companies would be unable to compete and win large projects like the ones they’re currently involved with.