OEM Data Delivery’s ST-576-M RFID engine meter named a Top 100 Product of 2015 by Construction Equipment.

A powerful data delivery tool for trucks and off-highway vehicles, the ST-576-M is the only 4-in-1 wireless hour meter monitoring cumulative, idling, working hours and machine miles based on engine operation.

“We were thrilled to learn of the award,” said OEM Data Delivery President Sam Simons. While meeting the needs of customers and the market is the primary goal of the company, he noted that recognition from Construction Equipment underscores the value of investing in product development.
“This device is designed to handle the harsh and prolonged operating realities that heavy trucks encounter on construction, mining and quarries sites. The data capture works with our existing MiniPod Telematic and MiniPod Fuel systems,” said Simons.

The ST-576-M uses RFID to capture and securely transmit maintenance planning, service and utilization data to customers, allowing them to manage operations safely and more efficiently.

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