Fleet managers and equipment owners looking to control access to off-highway equipment are taking a closer look at KeyPOD. A comprehensive equipment tracking and monitoring system, KeyPOD limits unauthorized access to cranes, loaders and other heavy machinery.

The device combines several of OEM Data Delivery’s leading technologies. It works as a Mobile Network Hub with a MiniPOD for drive-by capture to collect the hours and location of equipment. Data, status reports and special alerts are issued through EQUIPCHAT or Mobile EQUIPCHAT.

With KeyPOD, every operator is issued a passcode – often an employee ID number – which needs to be entered on the keypad to gain access to the equipment. If the code is recognized, the employee is granted access.

On the other hand, if an incorrect passcode is entered or if the employee is not authorized on that machine, KeyPOD keeps the equipment in lockout mode and prevents it from starting.  Or, at the owners’ option, KeyPOD displays a red light to signal unauthorized use. A yellow light signals restricted-use, such as when a mechanic moves a machine. A green light shows for an authorized operator.

When in the “red light” mode, KeyPOD emails an alert that an unauthorized individual is accessing the equipment. When paired with the light, KeyPOD provides everyone on site with a visual reference to the status of the machine.

If the equipment requires an inspection, KeyPOD prompts for inspection codes. Depending on the inspection results and the codes entered, KeyPOD specifies if the equipment can operate in full, restricted-use or no-use mode. KeyPOD securely transmits all data for managers for review.  In the event of a major non-conformance problem or safety-related issue, KeyPOD automatically sends an email to the appropriate personnel.

When KeyPOD is installed on equipment, an operations manager can know quickly if a red light means a lattice boom crane needs a repair or if the worker is appropriately authorized to operate the machine.

KeyPOD is the critical new tool for any off-highway equipment company.