Discerning off-highway fleet managers understand the need to monitor fuel consumption effectively. That’s why OEM Data Delivery has integrated FuelForce Controller capabilities into the ST-570 RFID Cube, ST-575-HWI and ST-576-M Service Trackers.

“We believe this enhanced capability is ideal for fleet operations with fuel trucks and multiple fill stations,” said Sam Simons, president of OEM Data Delivery. A radio antenna installed on the fuel station wirelessly identifies the equipment receiving the fuel. Authorized operators can fuel their equipment with a push of a button.

The system monitors the dispensing of fuel from the station and when the fuel enters the asset, ensuring that all fuel dispensed is also tracked. The fuel data is automatically captured and securely delivered to appropriate departments along with other asset information, such as cumulative, idling and working hours in the case of the ST-575-HWI tracker. “Monitoring fuel makes sense in any economy,” said Simons.

For more information about enhanced capabilities in fuel tracking, contact ddsales@oemdd.com.

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