With Operator Authorization available through EQUIPCHAT, OEM Data Delivery customers can limit equipment use according to workers’ skills and training. Customers who employ Keypad and MiniPOD or the ST-990 can use the Operator Authorization feature to control who has access to any piece of machinery. Management options include disabling the equipment or setting an alarm (lights or horns) when an unauthorized employee ID is entered through Keypad. Notification alerts can also be sent via email.

In practical terms, the Operator Authorization feature will be valuable in many situations:

• Some personnel might not have the appropriate licensure for operating a machine or machine type.
• Companies can limit access to heavy machinery, or any equipment, to prevent potential accidents and litigation.
• This development improves safety and operations, protects valuable equipment and facilitates accountability.
• When equipment access is limited to workers with appropriate knowledge, customers can better protect against workplace accidents and insure proper equipment use, which might affect fuel use, safety and ultimately, companies’ bottom lines.

Working closely with our customers helps us to find new and better ways to meet your more important needs. The team at OEM Data Delivery is always thinking of ways to improve customers’ safety programs and bottom lines. Contact Director of Marketing and Sales Chris Juliano for more information.