Keith Simons, co-president of OEM Controls, talks with Mike Santora of Fluid Power about OEM Data Delivery products at ICUEE 2015.

In this video, Simons outlines the advantages of OEM Data Delivery fuel tracking and service monitoring systems, including how fuel tracking components monitor fuel as it enters the vehicle rather than relying on the CPU to monitor fuel use and how the KeyPad module prevents unauthorized individuals from operating equipment, thus improving safety.

Simons discusses how hardware components feed data into Equipchat, OEM Data Delivery’s proprietary software, to build a customizable data tracking, reporting and alert system. Equipment managers can monitor, organize and respond to situations based on parameters they select. Simons talks about the benefits of the Mobile Equipchat app for Android phones and tablets (coming soon for Apple) for on-the-go monitoring.

Simons also highlights OEM Controls’ products.

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