OEM Data Delivery started ten years ago when President Sam Simons heard parent company OEM Controls' customers' repeated complaints about how hard it was to track hours and equipment data. Customers also stressed how important timely, accurate equipment use information was in allowing them to operate most efficiently and safely.

"They used words like 'unreliable', 'sloppy' and 'unwilling' in regard to workers' motivation for writing down data," Simons said. "So we started thinking about devices that might be able to help customers solve these data tracking problems."

OEM Data Delivery has made many of those problems a thing of the past for its customers in the heavy construction and off-highway industries. Through customer feedback, engineering creativity and market research, the OEM Data Delivery team arrives at sustainable, forward-thinking solutions (such as its recent ST-990 Cellular Service Tracker). "Feedback is so important to our company," Simons added. "You can't underestimate the role of customer input. Most of our projects are fueled by their needs."

By bringing together customer feedback, in-house expertise and industry knowledge, OEM Data Delivery continually develops new devices and solutions. "We build our products to last by solving more than one problem," Simons stated. Solutions including MiniPODs, RFID and cellular trackers as well as Equipchat are responsible for tracking and capturing data across operations.

Do you have challenges the OEM Data Delivery team may be able to tackle? Let us know by contacting ddsales@oemdd.com.