OEM Data Delivery prides itself on conceptualizing, designing and executing on innovations for the heavy construction industry. OEM Data Delivery has produced and implemented a powerful set of solutions for companies frustrated with their remote equipment monitoring or expensive, untrustworthy data. The company has significantly improved customers’ ability to track, capture and deliver key equipment data and ultimately, to manage costs.

One particular benefit of working with OEM is the flexibility the company allows for its data tracking programs. It recently introduced several options that make it easier for customers to manage and optimize their fuel use. Both programs involve the use of MiniPOD for monitoring fuel.

The first plan, titled MiniPOD for Audit, outsources all fuel management to OEM. Through the MiniPOD, OEM audits all fuel use and sends feedback to users (in whatever form they choose) with recommendations for cutting costs and better managing fuel spend. With the second plan (MiniPOD Rental), OEM sets up scanners for customers to scan fuel reports. Those reports are then sent to OEM for data entry and optimal management. In both cases, the user benefits from OEM’s tracking technology and industry expertise. Several companies have already started the programs and are already seeing cost savings. These plans are in addition to OEM Data Delivery’s recent introduction of its operator authorization function, which allows companies to limit access, according to workers' skills and training.