Three major risks for injuries and liabilities for companies operating cranes or boom truck are electrical hazards, overloading and materials falling. In fact, according to OSHA, nearly 50 percent of overhead crane accidents are the result of machinery coming into contact with a power source during operation.

Companies operating cranes must always take responsibility for assuring appropriate operator training, equipment authorization and monitoring. Different states have different operator certification requirements, and federal efforts to develop a national certification system are moving slowly.

In short, both operator errors and mechanical flaws can cause crane accidents. That being said, it is critical that management control operator access (and type of access) as well as mechanical and inspection status for its cranes. As OEM Data Delivery president Sam Simons said in his article Equipment IT Revolution; Beyond Telematics, “On sites where only properly maintained equipment is operated only by authorized personnel, it’s easy to see how jobsite efficiency and worker safety can be enhanced.”

OEM Data Delivery’s KeyPOD equipment tracking and management system is our most evolved response yet to crane safety assurance needs, and an invaluable addition to your crane safety management program. A recent Construction Business Owner article reminds company management that when it comes to cranes, “A little focus now can save lots down the road.”

Here’s why KeyPOD is such an important tool for your crane operations:

-KeyPOD captures real-time, accurate data on equipment operation, inspection and condition

-Passcodes prevent unauthorized operation of equipment

-Email notifications alert appropriate managers of problems

-Green, yellow or red light signals equipment condition and operator status

-KeyPOD is also a Mobile Network Hub, with a MiniPOD that captures the hours and location of equipment around it

-With clear authorizations, KeyPOD will greatly enhance your safety management programs aimed at accident prevention.

KeyPOD delivers a comprehensive equipment tracking and management system.