Construction is challenging work. According to OSHA’s 2014 statistics, one in five employee deaths in U.S. private industry were in the field of construction.

For our customers in the off-highway construction sector, safety is a priority, as evidenced by their adoption of important innovations:

-Increased use of advanced telematics. Companies increasingly turn to integrated products like our own KeyPOD (a comprehensive equipment tracking and monitoring system that limits unauthorized access to cranes, loaders and other heavy machinery and tracks inspections, equipment problems and more). KeyPOD connects with EQUIPCHAT and Mobile EQUIPCHAT for up-to-the-minute reports and alerts. The days of paper reports, with their delays, errors and time demands, are coming to an end.

-Drones. Bechtel, for example, uses unmanned aircraft to provide real-time data to project teams. With the help of drones, the company gets data that enhances safe working conditions and increases project efficiency as well.

-New sensors for heavy equipment perform a myriad of functions including precise position sensing, gear sensing, identifying visual blind spots, and much more.

Technological innovations support the basics: worker and equipment operator training and management, adherence to safety regulations, regular site, equipment and vehicle inspections and maintenance, hours management, awareness of environmental working conditions, and much more.

By combining smart technology with common sense procedures, our industry can better work toward its own tough goals for increased safety going forward