Track true utilization, saving money and time

Managing welding operations can be a tricky task. How do you know your welders are working efficiently? When they aren’t, how do you troubleshoot outside factors that could be causing disruption?

OEM Data Delivery’s Amp Sensor helps answer those questions by providing project managers with precise, actionable true utilization data. Managers are using the data delivered by Amp Sensor to look at the big picture of their operations, saving time and money.

Amp Sensor works in conjunction with Wireless Hour Meter (ST-575-HWI), empowering welding managers to track true utilization of electric-powered four-pack and six-pack multi-operator welders as well as traditional gas and diesel welders.

Electric-powered four-pack and six-pack multi-operator welders

Amp Sensor captures true utilization data enabling managers to allocate electric multi-operator welders responsibly. Project managers can see the percentage of utilization of every welder in each four or six pack, arranging them accordingly at the job site while also gauging operator productivity.

Amp Sensor allows for managers to troubleshoot why welding is not happening when it should be, prompting them to look at efficiency of outside factors related to materials, safety approvals and equipment delivery.

Traditional gas and diesel welders

In the past, project managers could only measure engine run-time and estimate productivity. For gas and diesel powered welders, the Amp Sensor measures arc time, providing equipment managers with useful true utilization data.

Save money, meet deadlines and complete welding work efficiently

For both engine-powered and electric-powered welders, true utilization data supplied by the Amp Sensor makes it possible to appropriately schedule preventative maintenance, monitor lifespan and protect resale value of equipment.

 In addition, the Amp Sensor eliminates the need for paper data recording and weld-operator time cards, providing easy-to-access, real-time information through Equipchat and Mobile Equipchat. This process eliminates human error and saves significant time. Specialized reporting and tiered service options are also available.

“The Amp Sensor helps managers ensure that welding operations are as efficient as possible. With many companies charging by inch of weld for their services, receiving productivity data from the Amp Sensor is very advantageous in saving money, meeting deadlines and completing work efficiently,” said OEM Data Delivery Project/Account Manager Mick Lauer.

All OEM Data Delivery products are designed to withstand the rugged demands of job sites. Data delivered by the Amp Sensor is invaluable to equipment and project managers in construction, mining, agriculture and energy industries where welding is in high demand.

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