Our harsh winter has generated many questions from our customers, and for the industry in general. We are often asked about how our products function in extreme temperatures, and we’re happy to elaborate on our production and processes. Devices used in cold weather must operate with the same level of safety and functionality as they do in normal operating conditions. The challenges weather and location present inspire OEM Data Delivery to design and build its machines to stand up to temperatures that range from -40 to 70°C.

OEM Data Delivery engineers start with prototypes and expose them to extreme temperatures in environmental chambers. Most devices are designed and built in-house, though some have to be sent elsewhere for tooling. All products include a full silicon conformal coating that stands up to harsh weather, dust and moisture. None of these elements will erode or degrade our components’ integrity. Many OEM DD devices also include an IP67 rating, which proves their protection against dust and water. IP67 means devices offer complete protection against dust as well as protection against liquid immersion between six inches to three feet.

With the freeze of Canadian winters and the steam of Middle Eastern summers in mind, OEM Data Delivery engineers design, build and test products so they are fit to operate in the world’s most challenging environments.

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